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8th part

While I was taking the photo with Giorgio, Mattia came on the beach again and said to me: What are you going to do tonight? - and I said - I go out! - and he asked: with your parents? - and I said no and he continued: with your sister? - and I said yes and he said: So I can’t go out with you.. - and I said: well, if you want then you can! - and while we were talking, Giorgio approached us with a little ball in his hand and said: can I give this ball to you? I don’t know what to do with this! - and we started to joke together, I took the ball and I played with his pectorals..meanwhile though Mattia asked my phone number and so that night we went out, I didn’t expect to walk on the beach by night, I felt the cold sand under my feet, that was nice! He smoked some cigarettes and talked about the fights he had with people and the adventures with his motorbike - again - he had a good fragrance but I never really liked how he speak, his vain way and his accent.. we walked in the town too and we went in a place where you can see the sea and the distant city lights and he said: Do you want to sit? - and I sat on a little wall while he stayed standing opposite to me..he was very close to me and while he talked he stared at my eyes, his eyes were light blue. While we were going on the promenade again, guess what..we met Giorgio and I recognised him even if there weren’t so many lights, I stopped Mattia and I talking to myself I said: It’s him! - and while we were crossing the road we looked at each other and smiled..(he was surprised to see me with Mattia) and then Mattia thought I liked Giorgio..
When it was time to come back home he kissed my cheek and I hugged him.
The day after I went on the beach, it was the last day so I had to talk for the last time with Giorgio but I was shy to approach him, as always, but at the end I had to, he was putting a bandaid on his foot finger and the bandaid casing was rolling towards the sea so I took it and he thanked me shyly aww! So I asked him what he has done to his finger and we started to talk, he asked me about the walk of the night before, then I told him I didn’t want to leave that place and if he could bring me with him when he would go to London (almost joking) and he said I need to finish school..but yes, when the time to leave has arrived, me and my family packed our things and he was there waiting to be greeted.
We first greeted the family of Mattia (he kissed my cheek again and I hugged him) and then we greeted Giorgio, we stared each other for few seconds thinking of how to greet each other, he gave me his hand and I hugged him, the hug with him lasted a little more.

I’m happy to have met a person like him, yes he’s a lifeguard but I think he saves people with his smile, or at least he just saved my life. ♥

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" When someone is in your heart, they’re never truly gone. They can come back to you, even at unlikely times"
- Mitch AlbomFor One More Day (via feellng)
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Be comforted by we share the same skies

Be comforted by we share the same skies

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I spent all the morning to put these posters on my bedroom wall, it has been a bit hard to choose which old posters remove..

Last night I had a dream about her, she was in my town and I saw her with Liam but I just smiled..then I met her again and she came to me and talked to me :) I woke up and I thought I didn’t have to forget that dream.

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7th part

One day I was going to my apartment and Mattia walked in front of me so he saw me and said: Are you following me? ;) - and I said: No, I’m just going home! - and so we walked and talked till our houses.
He said he wanted to have another walk with me in the afternoon, but when there were my parents he was scared to approach me and so he went for a walk hoping I would have followed him. Meanwhile though I went to the bar for a cappuccino and I suddenly saw next to me Giorgio..he was there to fill his bottle of water, he saw what I was going to drink and we smiled at each other. That was a sweet moment :3
Me and my family stayed on the beach till the sunset (it was the last day of our vacation we could have stayed on the beach so late) and Mattia did the same waiting that my parents would go away..and so when they started to walk away, he did the same, then he waited on the stairs waiting that my parents couldn’t see us but meanwhile I had one of my best moments with Giorgio ♥ ..he approached and I took my camera, we smiled at each other and he said: Tell me, what do you want to tell me? - and shyly I said: Nothing, really! - and he said: How nothing?! - there was a child next to us and I was embarrassed, Idk why I sat on a beach chair and Giorgio said again: C’mon tell me, what do you have to say? - and I said: We’ll never meet again.. - and he, becoming serious said: No..I think I’ll come back here next summer.. - and leaned with a hand on the umbrella (I was embarrassed by that pose, he probably had a look at my bra, so I stood up and he said: But tomorrow..will you leave early or will you come here first? - and I said: I will leave early. - he had a sad face - I’m joking! - I said.. - Ah, then we’ll see tomorrow! - he said while he was putting a chair in its place and so I got courage and I asked him if I could take a photo with him and of course he accepted! So the child that assisted to all that kindly proposed to take the photo but at the same time I was too shy to take a photo with Giorgio and I started to laugh as he did too and at the end I said to the little boy to take the photo only to Giorgio HAHAHA DAMN!
Later though he approached to me again and asked: Will we ever take this photo together?! - and we finally did! xD

To be continued…

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Vine by fujirock_jp


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I’m kinda missing him now, I miss hearing his voice and seeing his smile.
Most his smile, that made me very happy!
Every time we looked at each other, we couldn’t help smiling and starting to laugh..his face was too funny!

At least I have a photo with him so I captured his smile :)
If only all people were like him I would be always happy.
Friendliness and sweetness make me almost fall in love.

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